Boys in short skirts

OK, this is a bit off-center. I’ve just finished reading David Walliams’ The Boy in the Dress (excellent, more on that later).

Idly surfing the net for reviews, I came across something completely different. Chris Whitehead’s protest at the ban on boys at his school wearing shorts in the Summer.

Chris Whitehead skirt protester

Girls, it seems, are allowed to wear skirts.

30 of Chris’ friends joined him waving banners with slogans like “cool shorts, not hot pants.”

The headmaster at Chris’ school in Impington, near Cambridge, appears to have accepted it all in good humor. A  review has been promised.

Good on you, Chris.

Meanwhile, I am reminded of the flip side of the coin at my son’s pre-prep school. Year-round shorts.

A mini-rebellion In December (30 cms of snow) came to nothing. We’re all terribly nice and non-confrontational. Common sense reigned. The boys were accommodated by being allowed to wear their tracksuit bottoms out to play.

A pity, in a way.  One mother had threatened to send her son to school in red tights (the girls’ winter uniform hosiery choice).

Unleashing my nasty side, I had considered floating a novel fundraising  idea for charity. Sponsoring the Headmaster to wear shorts for the carol concert.

For now, my son is enjoying the sun on his little white legs. And I’ve filed Chris’ photo – to be brought out in Winter!

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