I beat the plugin, now it’s time to join the carnival

Today Narrowboat wife hosts the Britmum’s Blogging Carnival. The theme is boats and water, and following your dreams. Head on over there and see what’s on offer.

I’ve dipped my toe in with a piece on how water figures in my new life in the sticks, Drowning or waving, I still haven’t found what I’m looking for.

riverside picture

Thames at Cricklade in the Summer

Last night it looked like my dreams of a link-up were heading southwards, down the plug-hole. As you might have guessed, I’m still quite new to this blogging lark. I decided to add some plug-ins to my site. For some reason (after a good glass of red wine) a newsletter seemed a good idea. Perhaps it was the second glass of wine, but I forgot the first principle of testing. Only introduce one unknown at a time.

Thirty minutes of fiddling around with various plug-ins, I managed to lose my entire site. It disappeared from the web. Not only that, I lost the control panel aswell. I couldn’t even log in to try and fix it. It looked like I would go to bed trapped in a nightmare of repeating 500 error messages.

My other options look limited. Mail Narrowboat wife and apologise for the dud link (and hope my fellow bloggers wouldn’t write me off as a complete amateur), pour myself a third glass of wine, or call my service provider.

As you can probably guess, I chose the third option. I am here, thanks to the amazing guys at Hostgator.

I’m not on commission or any affiliate programme, but Nick from Hostgator’s technical help desk is a life-saver. He spent an hour diagnosing the problem and talking me through how to disable the offending plug-in.

Thanks Nick. Having toasted you with my third glass of red, I’m ready for the carnival.

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Old enough to know better, still young enough not to care. Property lawyer, sometime developer, writer and mother, coffee lover and cat-napper. I blog about life as a mum in North Wilts.
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