#magicmoments, the many faces of spring

It’s been another tough week. But I’ve had a few magic moments, all spring-related. I am really enjoying the #magicmoment links and reading the posts. As I go through the week, I’m mindful of the potential for some momentary magic.

My “tame” blackbird knocking the bathroom window with his beak in the morning. Feed time. I’m spending a small fortune in mealworms, but it’s nice to be needed!

Seeing the new-born lambs at Lower Shaw Farm.

sheep and lambs

lambs at lower shaw farm

I thought I’d be over the “not wanting to go back to school” syndrome. But I still get tearful on the first day back after the holidays. The house seems so quiet and empty, that I forget that I’ve spent the last three and a half weeks complaining about the length of the school holidays.

But this Tuesday, when J went back, it was sunny and (almost) warm. Having to wear Bermuda shorts as part of his Summer uniform suddenly didn’t seem so silly. And (despite the protests on route) he seemed genuinely glad to be back.

little boy in blue summer school uniform

summer uniform

I felt very proud (and amazed) at how grown-up he’s become. All the more so, when I look back. There was a time when we had doubts that he’d be able to go to a mainstream school. Fingers-crossed, and not wanting to tempt fate, but his attendance has been one of the best.

Blossom and flowers everywhere. I am wondering around with my camera, pointing it skyward. But I can’t get enough of the cherry blossom and the green shoots finally sprouting.

Last week, I also saw a jay, something I haven’t seen since we left the Chilterns.

The good weather lasted to Saturday (and beyond). It stayed dry for the yard sale, where we drank tea, and ate brownies, sitting outside, looking at the Thames, for once without worrying about the potential for flooding.

cherry blossom cricklade

cricklade high street

Last but, but not least, that feeling of relief when I’ve met my deadline and can down tools. It’s then that I can truly relax and enjoy a bit more of the spring

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4 Responses to #magicmoments, the many faces of spring

  1. Erica Price says:

    He looks very smart in his uniform. Spring can pass us by I think, unless we take a little time to be aware of all the new life in plants and animals.

  2. sarah says:

    Thanks. Yes, such a grown-up boy now. Perhaps the long winter makes us appreciate the spring more?

  3. Jaime Oliver says:

    Sarah was a fantastic post and some really really lovely moments! Thank you for linking up with #magicmoments x

  4. Andrew says:

    Great post, and it is great to see spring start this year now as well. A great part of the world as well – my folks are in Devizes.

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