Our big CF breakfast

pancakes for CFHere’s our breakfast today, a whopping great big 40 grams of fat a helping. I feel it opportune to celebrate today’s announcement about banning school lunches with our latest discovery, super creamy chocolate pancakes. We’ll be thinking of you Dave when we stick our snouts in the chocolate tub!

(As an aside, it’s critical for children with CF to get a high-fat, high-calorie diet because their bodies often can’t process fat efficiently. Low body mass is a common problem and results in poorer clinical outcomes. Politicians take note).

To make this big breakfast you’ll need-

I chunky Kit Kat Bar
2 heaped tablespoonfuls of full fat formage frais
2 or more pancakes (I used the Asda pre-packed versions)
10 squares of chocolate (we used Tesco, value, Asda also does a bargain one at 30-35p a 100grams)
Honey (if desired)
Fruit (if desired)

How to make  super creamy  big bite chocolate pancakes

Simply melt the chocolate squares (we put in the microwave on low for less than a minute). Add the formage frais and blend or whisk well, add the crushed Kit Kat. Either spread on the pankcakes with the honey and fruit if desired, or serve separately and spread according to taste (serve with a spoon so your child can polish off the rest!).

The verdict

Well, it all went. Very quickly. I have the feeling Dave and Cleggy won’t be putting in on the school lunch menu any time soon. But it’s a great way of kick starting the day and getting those vital calories in!

If you add fruit, you can even make it into one of your five-a-day!

boy bites pancake



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