#Magicmoment, a little flower

Last week, we had some great #magicmoments. We also had a lot of rain (some of which found its way through the barn’s roof). However, we’re not going to dwell on that. We even had a game of fun rugby, J Boy showing me how to tackle, in the drizzle.

Outside, my herb pots are doing well (full marks to the rain on that score). I’m so pleased finally to have somewhere to plant my basil and rosemary (I can kid myself that I’m becoming more earth motherly and green every time I pick my own herbs instead of driving 4 miles to the nearest supermarket).

J is settling well at school, and enjoying after school tennis and cooking (rice crispy cakes = another great #magic moment, diet notwithstanding). The week’s accolade, however, must go to J’s little geranium plant (with ceramic feather friend).

A sad straggly seedling, which he brought back from school last year, somehow it survived the Hovel, where I kept it on a window ledge and mostly forgot about it.

When we finally moved, I stuck it in one of the old chimney pots….and it has blossomed. Boy is chuffed (he is a budding plants man as well as a baker now). And every time I go outside I can see its happy red petals and the crazy bird. Even when it’s raining.

red geranium and ceramic bird

Linking to Oliver’s Madhouse for #Magicmoments., my weekly dose of feel-good.


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13 Responses to #Magicmoment, a little flower

  1. Notmyyearoff says:

    Ahhh nice that even the straggly seed has blossomed :)

  2. Kim Carberry says:

    Aww! Lots of magic moments!! Great to hear x

  3. Sarah says:

    What a lot of lovely moments and that Geranium does look like it’s doing well.

  4. Laura says:

    Isn’t that just beautiful! That really is Magical Moment :)

  5. Jaime Oliver says:

    Sarah i am so pleased everything is far more magical for you now (Can he pop to mine and do some cooking!)

    Thank you for linking up with #MagicMoments

    P.s I hope next week is just as magical x

  6. Colette says:

    I’m envious of your herb pots! This is something we always mean to do but never seem to get round to!

    • sarah says:

      I would definitely give the herb pots a go…must be easy if I can do it. I literally started by sticking a tub of supremarket herbs (the grow in the pot ones) in a flower pot. It seemed to survive and is still going strong!

  7. A great lot of magical moments. We have started growing our own herbs and feel like something out of The Good Life when we pick some for dinner!

  8. Lovely geranium and that bird is cute :-) x

  9. sarah says:

    Thank you. Yes, LO has “great taste” in garden design…we even have some gnomes now!

  10. Bex says:

    How lovely. beautiful flowers. what lovely magic moments :)


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