Schools out

school boy in prior park uniformBoy broke up for half term yesterday. We had cake and made a trip to the sweet shop. And I took the pledge. After today, my PC will be off, no blogging, no tweeting.

And Boy will probably allow me to post a recipe on #tastytuesday, as he is quite a little foodie too. (That will be the day we cover the kitchen in chocolate sprinkles).

Apart from that, I won’t be commenting or linking.

One of the things I have noticed recently is the number of links where people join in with irrelevant posts and don’t comment on others.

There have been a few times when I’ve restrained myself from posting some snarky comments (inappropriate, I know, for the loved-up blogosphere, but how exactly do sponsored posts and laundry tips equate to a #magicmoment? I felt vaguely cheated that someone had wasted five minutes of my life telling me to do the washing everyday!).

And I’m not going to link unless I have the time to write something appropriate and to comment on other posts.

Sometimes it feels like there are more writers than readers out there and there’s a groundswell of clamour, a million voices shouting out look at me.

Don’t get me wrong. Writing for self-expression is cool. (Guess that’s what I’m doing now). But engagement with readers, writing for an audience, matter too. At least, they do to me. I think. Perhaps taking some time out will give me the chance to think about where my writing fits. If it fits, at all.

And one thing is for sure. I am going to enjoy the break, spend more time with Boy and in the real (not virtual) world with fewer distractions. Yep, we’ll be going to the seaside and waking up and smelling the coffee. And not just metaphorically.

school boy eating cake


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Old enough to know better, still young enough not to care. Property lawyer, sometime developer, writer and mother, coffee lover and cat-napper. I blog about life as a mum in North Wilts.
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4 Responses to Schools out

  1. Jaime Oliver says:

    Awww Sarah I am so so sorry that some awful link dropper has tarnished your experience of linkies. I have stuck my head above the pulpit/screen and voiced my concern where my linky is concerned and I will now be removing anything completely irrelevant from the link up.

    I do hope to see you linking up soon and I can promise that #MagicMoments will not be housing any more link droppers

  2. sarah says:

    Jaime, thanks. Not so much tarnished, just having a long hard think. Think you were absolutely right to make comments you did.

  3. Mummy of Two says:

    Enjoy your break! I’m with you on the whole linky thing at the moment and have been linking up less as I feel like I am the only one commenting and getting not a lot of love back!

    • sarah says:

      Thanks. Guessing these things probably go in fits and starts. We are enjoying the break and making the most of the sunshine (before the dark nights really start to set in!). Hope you enjoy Scotland!

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