Beyond twelth night…..

Monday morning, 6am, I am feeling decidedly unmagical. And a bit guilty too, as I have just waved OH off to work and am about to crawl back to bed with a big mug of Earl Grey and the hot water bottle.

holly red berries and green leaves against a blue skyNo school for us, until tomorrow. And I am already starting to feel the stirrings of guilt, the unread proofs on my desk, putting Boy on the school bus for the first time…….

Christmas is well and truly over (decorations removed in a panic last night). The holiday brochures hit the doormat two days ago and, if I had any cash left, I’d be planning my next escape.

So, it may be old hat, but I’m revisiting some of the magic moments of the holiday.

christmas tree white in candle lightNew home. It was our first Christmas in the new house. Sadly, Uncle Stuart died the week before Christmas and I had neither the time, nor the inclination, to clear out the barn and erect the giant Christmas tree that I’d planned. However, Boy is resilient. He set himself the goal of making the longest paper chain ever, and almost succeeded. And, together with OH, he made a surprisingly tasteful job of making the cottage look festive.

Fresh air. A mixed one this. The great outdoors doesn’t seem quite so great after our Are we there yet Christmas day walk and a couple of (very wet) afternoons holding the ladder while OH inspected the damage to the roof. But, on the plus side, we’ve enjoyed tramps around Clifton (culminating in the best chocolate cake in the West Country), walks over the fields of my childhood and we’ve seen lots of wildlife (notably deer in the garden and some very worried looking foxes.)

Food. Despite all the celebrity cookbooks, and my good intentions, it was another Iceland Christmas. Actually after the disastrous Christmas Day walk, it was almost a cheese sandwich Christmas Dinner, but let’s not spoil the feel-good factor. Boxing Day was a success, with both sets of parents surviving my cooking. And I’ve had the pleasure of being able to raid the cheese box every evening since.

Presents. Despite concerns about materialism, losing the true meaning of Christmas etc etc, Boy has done me proud. He even saved the bulk of his presents until Boxing Day so that he could open them with the rest of the family.

Christmas 2013OH and I had deliberated over whether to buy him his much wanted Tablet. We held it back until after he had opened his other presents, so that he would fully appreciate the games the grandparents had bought him. Seeing the surprise and joy on his face when he opened it, the day-after Boxing Day, and the heartfelt thank you was a real tonic. And all the more special as he had been so happy and gracious with the more practical gifts (clothes, books etc) he had on Christmas Day.

A bit of a rest. Well, after the Christmas Day and Boxing Day full-on domestic marathon….we checked into the Bristol Marriott for a few days. I love being able to slob out, eat restaurant food, potter around the shops and museums and kid myself that it’s doing me some good, by having an early morning swim and sweating some in the sauna.

Now, it’s back to earth with a bump. I will just have to think of ways to make January (and February) special……

Joining with Oliver’s Madhouse #magicmoments to kick off my week with some feel good factor.


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12 Responses to Beyond twelth night…..

  1. Erica Price says:

    The look on his face sums up what Christmas is all about. :) Glad he liked his tablet.

  2. Coombemill says:

    Sounds like a packed season of fun, hope coming back to earth and settling into January is smooth and not a bump! #MagicMoments

  3. Happy to hear that your son loved all of his presents. He looks a very happy little soul in this lovely photo.

  4. Colette B says:

    How lovely to know he truly appreciated his gifts :)

  5. Jaime Oliver says:

    Aww Sarah you have been through the mill but i have to say your Son is the most amazing Character .. he is so thoughtful (except when walking lol)

    I am sending hugs, health and happiness to you all for 2014 my lovely xx

    Thanks for linking up x

  6. I love that picture – what a happy face! All in all it sounds like a lovely family Christmas :-)

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