Forget the mushrooms

Just before Christmas, my Uncle died. No #magicmoment there. But, starting to clear out the family home, we had a bitter-sweet moment.

boy smiling in fieldI took Boy for a walk over the fields I had walked as a kid with my Gramp. Despite the relentless march of progress (or urban sprawl, depending on your perspective), not much has changed yet, at this end of the village.

I forgot where some of the stiles are (much to Boy’s disgust, as we doubled back on ourselves). It was the wrong time of year for mushrooms. (Probably just as well. If I can’t remember where the stiles are, I don’t rate my chances of finding the mystical spots favoured by mushrooms without Gramp). Boy showed his townie roots by getting stuck on the stile when we did find it, and diligently ignored all my attempts to get him identifying leafless trees from their shapes. About half an hour into our romp, a persistent drizzle started.

So what made it a #magicmoment?

boy running down ploughed fieldSimply, seeing Boy’s unadulterated joy as he careered down the footpath that runs through the centre of the big field. An echo from the past.

I suspect it may be a while before Boy starts to lose his townie proclivities. (And even longer before he starts to appreciate mushrooms.) But seeing his grin as he ran, pell mell, giggling maniacally, down the field slope, gave me that warm glow inside.

For a moment, nothing else mattered. I just stood in the rain, watching.

There was something elemental and timeless in his joy. A child whooping with fun, oblivious to the rain, or our everday worries, running as fast as he could under an open sky.

Joining with Oliver’s Madhouse #magicmoments to kick off my week with some feel good factor.


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Old enough to know better, still young enough not to care. Property lawyer, sometime developer, writer and mother, coffee lover and cat-napper. I blog about life as a mum in North Wilts.
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17 Responses to Forget the mushrooms

  1. MummyTries says:

    Laughing and running in the rain is a tonic for any soul, especially enjoyed by the little folk though ;-) Sorry to hear about your uncle!


  2. Gorgeous post – just having the space to run and be a child is magical. #MagicMoments

  3. Coombemill says:

    There is a huge feel good factor to being in the great outdoors, something I believe in so much for my children. Popping over from #MagicMoments. If you fancy joining my Country Kids linky this would be a great post for there too.

    • sarah says:

      Thanks Fiona. I have been thinking about linking to Country Kids for a while and giving my blog a bit more of a country focus…..Boy remains at heart a townie but we are making in-roads! And I can do with an impetus to get myself to enjoy the outdoors more, rather than tackling things on a needs-must basis!

  4. What a fantastic feel-good post! I love when we can just watch our children run around enjoying themselves. It makes it all worth while. :) #MagicMoments

  5. Mummy of Two says:

    It is great to watch children enjoying the outdoors isn’t it. My son isn’t a big outside fan but when we go somewhere new to explore he loves it and it’s lovely to see his happy little face. Lovely post.

    • sarah says:

      Thanks. Just read your Bath post, can recommend Roman Baths…..took Boy there last summer and we all totally enjoyed it. They do the Romans in history in KS1 I think, so something to bear in mind.

  6. Jaime Oliver says:

    Sarah what a really beautiful post and what an amazing memory to capture. I so love those moments that come from nowhere but effect your very core.

    thank you for linking up with #MagicMoments

    and thank you again for supporting #TeamHonkRelay x

  7. I absolutely love that photo, a pure childhood moment! Wonderful, so special to have captured it on film xx

  8. Judith says:

    Beautiful! That is quintessential little boy-ness, running in the rain, without rhyme or reason. I wish I was a bit more outdoorsy myself, I think my Boy could do with some mad running about in a field…

  9. My kids moan at the mere mention of a walk in the countryside, but experience tells me it is worth insisting for the very type of moment you and Boy enjoyed. Excellent.

  10. Mel says:

    Just seeing your children happy can turn any ordinary moment into a magic moment. They are so genuine, aren’t they? Sorry about your uncle. Mel

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