Pizza, ketchup and a happy Boy

Part of the #MorrisonsMum campaign is to publicise their new I’m Cheaper range. (Over 1000 favourite products cheaper, week-on-week). So this Bank Holiday Week End, Boy and I set off to explore the goodies. Protesting, OH came along for the ride.

heinz tomato ketchupAnd, first off was the mega 700g squeezy Heinz Tomato Ketchup.

Boy spotted the distinctively shaped bottle even before his eyes strayed to the sweets and DVDs, and it went straight in the trolley.

I’m Cheaper, he gloated, trumping OH, who had to stifle his reflex to search the lower shelf for the own brand version.

Boy has a total tomato ketchup obsession. He drinks the stuff.

And it has to be Heinz. Always Heinz.

They’re all the same, OH used to opine. Probably made in the same factory. You know, the one where they wash everything down with nut oil.

It’s the power of advertising. But OH was adamant. To the point once of blindfolding Boy and challenging him to a taste test.

In a strange parody of the Whiskas advert, OH measured out ten spoons of ketchup (five Heinz, five own brand).

Boy sniffed, licked, made some funny faces and gave his verdict.

At this point, I should make it clear that I’m not in the pay of Heinz. But, with a 100% accuracy rate, Boy proved empirically that he really can tell the difference.

So Heinz it is. And, although Daddy insists on smaller servings, at £1.99 for the larger bottle, it doesn’t exactly break the bank.

Ketchup in hand, we set off home for lunch.

grating cheeseIt was sunny, so we made a pizza to eat in the garden.

Boy loves cooking, helping me to grate the cheese, knead the dough and choose the toppings. (No surprise here. Double ketchup for him, while I opted for passata with basil. We do a lot of 50/50 pizzas in our house).

With the ready-made pizza dough, it’s really just a case of adding some water, kneading, adding some toppings and baking. Here’s the breakdown;

  • Morrisons Pizza Base Mix (69p)
  • Very generous portion of Heinz tomato ketchup (14p)
  • Portion of Passata (1/4 jar, 25p)
  • Morrisons Savers Mature Cheddar cheese 50g (grated) (28p)
  • Half cucumber (25p)
  • Morrisons Vine Ripe Cherry Tomatoes (half pack, 35p)
  • Rocket (purloined from the garden)

Total spend £1.96.

pizza slice on plate

Dressed with salad, the pizza served Boy and I for a light lunch. At under £1 a serving, it’s cheaper than most ready-made pizzas, and a whole lot nicer. Plus it’s fun to make. If you don’t have a tomato ketchup fetish, you can even get imaginative with the toppings!

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4 Responses to Pizza, ketchup and a happy Boy

  1. It’s amazing how kids can spot the brands isn’t it?! My daughter could recognise advertising for large food companies at 18 months old. Sounds like you had a great meal, being a #MorrisonsMum!

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  3. It’s the same with the beans, clearly heinz have some sort of magical ingredient? My bet is on unicorn dust.

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