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Facebook has become the place for sản phẩm discovery. In fact, 78% of American consumers say they’ve sầu learned about new products on the social truyền thông media platsize. Yet many social truyền thông managers say they laông chồng the human resources to maintain an adequate Facebook presence.

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For socially-savvy businesses, a Facebook auto poster is the answer. With tự động posting software at your disposal, you don’t have sầu lớn create individual posts for every Profile, Page, Event, or Group you manage. And you don’t have sầu to lớn log in dozens of times a week to lớn post your nội dung at just the right time. An tự động poster will vì chưng that for you.

The best part? Using an tự động hóa poster doesn’t require any spammy “blaông chồng hat’” marketing techniques.

It’s simply a tool that helps you efficiently plan your social truyền thông calendar & then post your authentic nội dung at the best possible times on all of your Facebook locations.



Plus, you can monitor your posts’ performance và boost a post at the same time.

There are a couple of drawbacks to lớn Facebook’s native tự động hóa poster. First, there is no visual calendar to easily see your upcoming post schedule. Second, you won’t be able lớn traông chồng posts & nội dung from other social media platforms here.

Facebook’s native sầu tự động poster is always không tính phí.

5 best practices for automating Facebook posts

Using a Facebook tự động poster will add hours baông chồng lớn your week. With these tips, you’ll make the most out of every scheduled post.

1. Create a S.M.A.R.T social truyền thông media strategy

Make sure the content you’re scheduling will have the impact you desire by following the S.M.A.R.T. framework.

Specify your target: Create targeted audiences on Facebook.Identify measurable outcomes: Choose key performance indicators (KPIs) for each goal you want khổng lồ achieve.Set achievable goals: Make sure each goal is attainable.Create relevant content: Use market and competitor retìm kiếm to lớn know what content types & topics will resonate.Set time boundaries: Give yourself a date to lớn reach each of your social truyền thông media goals.

2. Don’t over-post

Auto posters give you a lot of leverage khổng lồ post more often, but that doesn’t mean you should crush your audience’s feed with endless streams of content.

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HubSpot found that the sweet spot for likes-per-post varied based on audience kích thước.

So, if you have 2,000 followers on Facebook, your clicks-per-post drop off sharply if you’re posting more than 30 times per month (or once per day).

It will take some testing lớn find your perfect posting cadence, but this chart will give sầu you a good benchmark to start from.

3. Schedule a variety of nội dung types

Text-only posts are OK some of the time. But for maximum engagement, plan a calendar with several types of nội dung.

What are the highest-performing nội dung types? Here’s what BuzzSumo found.

Photo lớn posts get more engagement than link posts. And đoạn phim posts get 73% more engagement than phokhổng lồ posts.

A variety of posts will keep your feed visually interesting. Not khổng lồ mention, it’s a lot of work to lớn post video after Clip.

4. Don’t schedule posts too far out

We’ve all seen just how fast the world can change. Posts scheduled more than a month out can over up being tone-deaf should our perceptions shift quickly.

For example, the international chicken franchise KFC had khổng lồ quickly pull its “finger lickin’ good” khẩu hiệu in the wake of the Covid pandemic. Licking fingers was not a good idea when the rest of the world was telling you to lớn wash your hands và not touch your face.

Creating nội dung months in advance puts you at risk of redoing a lot of work or, worse, sharing content that turns people off of your br&.

5. Use analytics khổng lồ guide future posts

Whether it’s from Facebook’s analytics tool or directly from your tự động hóa poster software, monitor the results of your posts lớn help you repeat or improve sầu performance.

In Hootsuite analytics, for example, you can monitor follower growth và page engagement and even attribute posts to business outcomes lượt thích revenue.

No matter which analytics tool you use, just remember to make your goals & KPIs S.M.A.R.T.

Use a Facebook tự động poster and spover more time on engagement

Posting relevant content consistently is important. But the real magic of social truyền thông media happens when you engage directly with your audience through comments.

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People have sầu come to lớn expect a quiông xã reply lớn their questions on social truyền thông media. An tự động poster saves you time posting new content, freeing up bandwidth to engage your audience. And if you choose the right Facebook tự động poster, you can track and respond khổng lồ Facebook comments right from the same platsize you use khổng lồ schedule posts.

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