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If you"re a social truyền thông manager or a marketer và you find yourself overwhelmed with the number of comments on your Facebook posts/ad posts. This post is for you.

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We"ve sầu already put out content mentioning the importance of managing Facebook ad comments và how to lớn hide Facebook comments, today we"ll be taking a look at how you can automate the process of replying to lớn Facebook comments.

In this post, we"ll explain what are automated replies for Facebook comments, take a look at some of the services that offer this feature và then help you with the easiest way khổng lồ manage comments on Facebook.

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What Are Automated Replies For Facebook Comments?

We underst& that managing Facebook comments isn"t an easy task, especially when you have sầu lớn giảm giá khuyến mãi with a lot of spam. But Facebook comments can be a valuable source of customer feedbaông xã or even a potential sales leads, thus making it crucial lớn acknowledge and follow up on most comments.

Now the question arises, how vì chưng you reply to hundreds of comments on your Facebook posts và ad posts, especially when timeliness & responsiveness are of importance?

This is where Automation comes in play. Facebook allows you to auto-respond to comments privately and move sầu the conversation to lớn Facebook Messenger.

Comments that are auto-replied instantly get a private message and will have "Page Responded Privately" label under them.

When & Why You Should Set Up Auto Reply To Comments On Facebook?

Using Auto-Reply for Facebook comments, you can quickly phối up some rules for general inquiries, repetitive sầu keywords, or customers complaints.

We recommend setting up Auto-reply for some of the scenargame ios mentioned below.

General inquiries: If you promote your products or services via your Facebook page, you likely get a lot of similar questions regarding prices, availability or discounts. Setting up a well-thought auto-reply for such comments can shorten the customer journey and help your potential customers make their final decisions

Personalized Customer Service: Since some users can have sầu specific issues, it"s best lớn provide private và direct feedbaông xã to avoid confusing other users

Converting Potential Customers: If you spot a potential customer, you can offer a discount or a promo code directly to lớn the customer which you don"t want to lớn nói qua with other users

Managing Negative sầu Comments: It"s best to resolve the issue of a frustrated customer privately và one to lớn one as khổng lồ avoid a potential fallout from other users

Now let"s take a look at some more benefits of Automated Replies on Facebook.

Benefits Of Automated Replies For Facebook Comments

We"ve sầu already mentioned how Auto-Replies can save sầu a considerable amount of your time which would be otherwise spent in replying lớn general user queries. Here are some more ways they can take a few tasks off your shoulders and increase your time and cost-efficiency.

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Delivering Proactive Customer Service: Since manually replying lớn every user query in your comment section isn"t feasible, you can set up auto-replies to make sure no customer query goes unanswered. Also, taking the conversation to lớn Messenger will give sầu you some much needed time khổng lồ get into lớn details of a particular case.

Sorting & Filtering Comments: While getting a lot of comments on your Facebook posts và ad posts is undoubtedly a good thing, sorting và managing all those comments can be a pain. Setting up multiple types of auto-replies for different kinds of feedbaông chồng will help you take baông chồng the control of your brand"s engagement on Facebook

How Can You Set Up Aukhổng lồ Reply For Comments On Facebook?

Unfortunately, Facebook doesn"t allow you to lớn natively phối up auto-replies for comments on Facebook posts và ad posts. You have lớn use a third-tiệc nhỏ service to set it up. Here are a few of the services that offer this feature.

How To Set Up Aukhổng lồ Reply For Facebook Comments With ManyChat?

Here"s how you can set up an auto-reply for Facebook comments with ManyChat.

After you"ve signed up for ManyChat, connect your Facebook account

Now go lớn the "Growth Tool" from the left sidebar & cliông chồng on "+New Growth Tool."

Now select "Facebook Comments" và define the triggers & actions for your new rule

Note: To mix up multiple rules with ManyChat, you"ll have to lớn tăng cấp lớn a pro plan

How To Set Up Auto Reply For Facebook Comments With Chatfuel?

Here"s how you can phối up an auto-reply for Facebook comments with Chatfuel.

After you"ve sầu signed up for Chatfuel, connect your Facebook account

Now cliông xã on the "Grow" tab from the left sidebar and cliông xã on "+Add Rule" under the "Acquire Users from Comments" section


You can now define the triggers và actions for your new rule & cliông xã on Done to save sầu your rule

How To Set Up Auto lớn Reply For Facebook Comment With BotHelp?

Here"s how you can set up an auto-reply for Facebook comments with BotHelp.

After you"ve signed up for BotHelp, connect your Facebook account

Clichồng on "Bots" tab from the left sidebar và cliông chồng on "Create A Bot."


Now select bot type as "Comment-to-messenger-bot" & define the triggers & actions for your bot

Cliông xã on "Set live" once you"re done setting up the bot

Easiest Way To Manage Comments On Facebook

Using"s Comment Management Solutions, you can easily hide, delete và reply to Facebook comments và provide dedicated customer service across social from a single inbox.

You can also phối up automatic private replies khổng lồ user comments, posts, or private messages, based on specific triggers such as từ khoá or entire phrases.


Try for yourself, or book a không lấy phí kiểm tra with us to underst& how can work for your business.

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