How to enable facebook notifications in chrome

Social networks like Facebook demvà your constant attention. They usually offer you to receive sầu notifications on the desktop browser you use. But, getting all these social notifications during work can be annoying & distracting. Many users complain that they unconsciously have activated this feature & now they can’t turn it off. And, here is what said one Macbook user.

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“In an iMessage, a friover sent me a liên kết khổng lồ a Facebook page. I was on my apple Macbook air. This was a thiết bị di động Facebook page link. I clicked it, not realizing. It opened inlớn a browser in google chrome, & something popped up asking me if I wanted notifications. I clicked yes, just wanting the pop-up to lớn go away (… bad choice.)

Now, I get Facebook notifications popping up on my desktop in the right hand corner all the time.

HOWEVER, in my system preferences > internet accounts, I am not signed in on Facebook, & never have been.

In my system preferences > notifications, a Facebook inhỏ does not exist. I never have had it there.

Yet the pop-ups keep coming up. I have sầu not found a solution on how to lớn get rid of these yet. Someone, please help!”

If you are experiencing a similar scenario, & want to lớn get rid of Facebook notifications on Chrome for desktop, here you can find the solution.

Blochồng Notifications from Facebook on Chrome

By default, Chrome alerts you whenever an tiện ích, trang web, or extension wants lớn sover you notifications. So, if you recently noticed alerts popping up whenever you receive a Facebook notification this feature is definitely ON. However, you can easily turn Chrome Notifications OFF anytime. Just follow the steps below.

First, launch Google Chrome and click the menu icon in the upper right corner of the browser window.Select Settings from the dropdown thực đơn.Now, scroll down to lớn find Show advanced settings.Under the Privacy và Security section, look for Content settings & click on it.
Scroll down lớn the Notification sectionclick on it.

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Here you see toggle Ask before sending. This toggle is on by default, and it will ask you if you want to receive notifications from any site.Disable the toggle, và you will not receive any notifications, including the ones from

For those of you who want to disable only Facebook notifications, you can vì chưng that as well.

While in Notification section, make sure the Ask before sending toggle isNow, search for the in the Allow section.Click on the 3-dot icon and choose Block. Now you will receive all your notifications except the ones from Facebook.

You can use the same procedure for disabling notification from any site you want and leave on only the ones that are most important for you.

Bloông chồng Desktop Notifications on Facebook Website

If for any reason you don’t want to change Google Chrome settings, you can disable Facebook notifications from the Facebook Website. Here are the instructions.

Log inlớn your Facebook profile.Go lớn Settings & click on Notifications in the left panel.Now click on Desktop and Mobile and take a look in the Desktop section.If you see the text “Notifications are enabled on this device” next khổng lồ the Chrome icon, click on Turn off. This will disable Facebook notifications in your Chrome browser.

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Final Words

Well, that’s it. After you have successfully disabled them on your computer, facebook notifications won’t work unless you turn them bachồng on. Both ways were functional for us in disabling Facebook notifications on our máy tính xách tay. Try the one that you find more appropriate for you, and nội dung your thoughts in the comment section below.

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