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UPDATE (4 April 2021): We are working on fixes for our web downloader & Chrome extension. You might notice some disruption while we are tweaking things up, stay tuned for the upcoming update! Thanks for your understanding & Happy downloading.

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UPDATE (31 December 2020): We fixed some bugs with the downloader as well as made improvements to lớn its performance. Videos from Facebook Watch & m.facebook.com are downloadable again. We are going lớn release a new version of our Chrome Extension that fixes the detection of videos on Facebook, stay tuned! Also we"d like lớn take this chance to wish you a Happy New Year 2021.
UPDATE (25 September 2020): New Extension UpdateWe are happy to lớn introduce the new Chrome Extension update (V6.0). We totally revamped the extension from the ground up, adding new features, fixing bugs and improving the interface. Here"s what"s new: - Support for the new Facebook theme & Facebook Watch feed. - More formats are downloadable from Facebook (up khổng lồ 4K). - Fixed the issue of videos without Audio. - Videos are converted, processed và downloaded through our website, for your convenience. - Brand new & cleaner interface. - Support for new websites. - and more...We are still testing new features và fixes, that"s why we"d love sầu khổng lồ hear your feedbaông xã.
UPDATE (18 July 2020): We fixed some minor issues related to lớn đoạn phim detection, the downloader is now faster khổng lồ detect videos. We are also working on a new & totally revamped Chrome Extension (v6) that works with the new Facebook layout as well as tư vấn for more 3rd các buổi party websites. Stay tuned!
UPDATE (16 May 2020): We fixed the Private Video Downloader & revamped the whole process, making it easier và faster khổng lồ use. We are also working on other fixes for the main downloader. Thanks for reporting issues và bugs!
UPDATE (18 March 2020): We fixed some bugs with the downloader and improved some UI elements. Also we are working on fixing the Private Video Downloader và some other issues that you reported, however it"s going lớn take some time due to lớn the current situation we are all facing (COVID-19). Take care of yourselves & your families!
UPDATE (23 December 2019): We Wish You a Merry Christmas!
We skết thúc you our warmest greetings of this festive season và best wishes for happiness this New Year.We fixed an issue with some URL types: Mobile links (m.facebook.com) và the new fbwat.ch liên kết are supported. The Downloader is now fully working as usual. Thanks for submitting bugs & issues.
UPDATE (15 November 2019): We improved the downloader to lớn tư vấn the new URL architecture of Facebook. We also fixed the thumbnail, video duration as well as video titles và descriptions that weren"t showing most of the time. Don"t hesitate to lớn leave your feedback!
UPDATE (14 September 2019): We fixed an issue with our Chrome Extension that caused the Tutorial page khổng lồ open every time Google Chrome was launched. The new version 5.0.26 will tự động install, if not please remove it và install it again from this Download Page.
UPDATE (3 July 2019): We fixed the issue that led to lớn Video Thumbnails not to lớn show on the tải về page, we also implemented so bug fixes and general improvements.
UPDATE (25 April 2019):Multilanguage Support:crewcutandnewt.com now supports 5 new Languages & more coming soon!
The languages that are coming soon are: Arabic, Chinese, Japanese & Turkish...Everything is still in Beta testing and if you notice anything wrong or want to lớn improve the translations, feel không lấy phí lớn tương tác us.
UPDATE (14 March 2019): We fixed hệ thống related issues that made the trang web unavailable for some users. Also the Firefox Add-on is being worked on and should be available in the next few days. We"ll keep you posted! .
UPDATE (1 January 2019): We fixed some minor bugs & improved performance. We also wish our users a Happy New Year!
UPDATE (21 November 2018): We updated our Chrome Extension & changed its name from crewcutandnewt.com Video Downloader khổng lồ Video Downloader PLUS. The update also includes some bug fixes and improvements.
UPDATE (12 October 2018): We fixed some bugs và made improvements to the downloader. Video thumbnails work with almost all videos now thanks lớn a new algorithm. We are having some issues with the Chrome Extension & we are working on fixing them..
UPDATE (21 August 2018): We updated the How-To section with newer & easier lớn follow screenshots. We also added a how-to guide and screenshots for iOS devices (iPhone và iPad). You can now kiểm tra guides without exiting the home page page with the new "How to Use crewcutandnewt.com" button.

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UPDATE (03 July 2018): We"ve sầu updated the Private Video Downloader, making it even simpler and easier to lớn use as well as fixing all the issues related lớn it.
UPDATE (18 June 2018): Our Chrome Extension now shows Thumbnails for Facebook Videos. We also fixed an issue that caused the extension to lớn be automatically deleted due khổng lồ a false positive trigger.
UPDATE (09 March 2018): We"ve update the Chrome extension and fixed some minor issues. Also, we want khổng lồ insize you that our trang web is now accessible from the new generic domain name crewcutandnewt.com.COM.
UPDATE (14 November 2017): We fixed an issue that caused videos link from the di động version of Facebook not to be detected (m.facebook.com). thiết bị di động videos are now downloadable again..
UPDATE (12 September 2017: We updated the trang web & fixed some minor issues. Also crewcutandnewt.com now uses HTTPS (SSL) for a better và more secure experience, you might have already noticed the SECURE on the address bar :)
UPDATE (23 May 2017): Our Chrome Extension is now live sầu again on Chrome Web Store. Thanks for your patience! If you are still encountring issues, please Liên hệ us anytime.
UPDATE (1st April 2017): Hoorray! We finally updated our Chrome Extension to lớn v4.0 và it brings a lot of new features và fixes altogether: Fixed issues with some Facebook videos not being detected. Download videos from any trang web is back and 100% Working Redesigned the popup window making it more compact and easier to use.

The extension should update itself automatically, if that"s not the case then please remove it and install it again from HERE

It depends on the OS and Browser you are using, but usually all videos are saved under "Downloads" thư mục on Windows and Mac. You can also press CTRL+J in your Browser to lớn view your download history.
That"s something normal khổng lồ happen, especially on browsers other than Chrome. To solve this issue, instead of left clicking the Download Video liên kết, Right Cliông chồng -> Save as... và choose the location you"d like to lớn save sầu the đoạn Clip to.
Does crewcutandnewt.com work on sản phẩm điện thoại devices? ( / )
Currently crewcutandnewt.com works just fine with Android using Chrome browser. As for iOS, you can kiểm tra our How lớn Download Facebook Videos on iPhone or iPad guide, to lớn be able to lớn save Facebook videos lớn your camera roll.

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Will there ever be a Firefox addon?
Yes! We are currently working on a new Firefox addon that works the same way as our Chrome extension.

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