Chocolate and avocado cupcakes

This week’s #TastyTuesday is a bit of a cheat, a beta version.

Boy and I experimented with the concept of an avocado cupcake. OH (being a traditionalist) instantly went into yuck mode.

Green cake, he bemoaned.

Why ruin a good avocado? (He likes them spread on toast, with bacon. Like I said, a traditionalist).

chocolate cupcake with cream icing and chocolate curlsWe took a recipe from Will Cook for Smiles.  We substituted wholemeal spelt flour for the flour and changed the proportions so 1/4 was cocoa powder. (To give it my favourite taste and get rid of the green factor). And, of course, we added chocolate curls.

It tasted yummy, but like  a lot of the other comments said, the icing was on the runny side. We also found that the quantities of flour and milk didn’t quite work out. (We ended up adding more flour. More cakes, so that was great. But not quite right). Subsequent attempt, same problem.

We tried again, omitting the cocoa powder and adding an overripe banana in place of the milk. Yummy. But we gave up on the icing and ate those with custard.

finger of boy dropping chocolate curls onto cake

I shall return. And, when I do, the cupcakes will be perfect. Well, here’s hoping.

Joining with Honest Mum’s #TastyTuesday. Look forward to getting my weekly foodie inspiration!

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11 Responses to Chocolate and avocado cupcakes

  1. I must say I was fascinated by the title of this recipe! I adore avocados and I’m a very adventurous eater, but I think I agree with OH – avocados are best on bread/in salads/with bacon!! I look forward to finding out how you get on but for now your photos make them look lovely.

  2. Alison says:

    I would never have thought of using avocados in cupcakes. They do look lovely in your pictures

  3. I think that this would work! But you have to be very very careful as sometimes avocados are bitter. I want to see how the experiment go! #TatsyTuesdays

  4. Jenny says:

    WOW this looks both impressive and delicious. I love the food photo too! So obsessed with food photography at the moment. Never would have put the flavors together but sounds interesting. Will have to try it. #tastytuesdays

  5. Oh, this sounds really interesting! Looking forward to your further experiments :) #TastyTuesdays

  6. Honest Mum says:

    Wow these look stunning and I adore both key ingredients! I’ve tried chocolate cake with beetroot but never avo but will do now! Thanks for linking up to #tastytuesdays

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