New Chick on the block

buff coloured pekin bantam pouletMy recent silence on the blogging front has been down to the above. Boy’s first pet, some five years after Norman Cat sadly left us.

She has quickly acquired a triple barreled name, Lydia Cuddles Buffy. Long story, how we decided on a chicken as the most suitable pet. And, unfortunately, the early days have not run entirely smoothly (due to bullying issues and discovering a wound on one of Buffy’s “friends”….not to mention the sudden appearance of a neighbouring farm cat in search of a make your own KFC).

Boy’s pleasure in stroking his own first pet, however, makes it all worthwhile.

Because of Boy’s cystic fibrosis, we hesitated before agreeing to another pet. However, now that he is a bit older, we are hopeful that the message about washing hands after handling animals has finally rubbed off. The downside is that the chickens are messy (though nowhere near as bad as having to deal with the results of a Creon underdose in a nappy). I have made a point of telling Boy that I will have to do all the mucking out. (Wet straw is a complete no-no for him because of the spores it harbours can cause problems for his lungs). Strangely, this is proving quite a task as Boy is keen to get involved in all aspects of chicken care! Most afternoons he has taken up a position in front of the hen-house watching their antics and keeping an eye out for Mr Fox.

As the hens settle in, we are hoping some form of normality may return. (The poorly hen is now recovering and the flock seem to have accepted her back). Boy’s confidence grows and hopefully at some point we’ll be able to enjoy a few fresh eggs!

Deciding to let Boy have his own pet was a hard call. However, we are hopeful that the benefits outweigh the risks. Boy is thrilled, and his confidence is growing.

As he grows up, I am finding the #magicmoments are fewer. (Or, perhaps, it’s me, needing to work harder at rediscovering the magic in everyday things). The smile on his face when I put Buffy on his lap though, pure magic. I wish I had taken a photo….but I needed both hands free to manage the chicken!

head of buff coloured pekin bantam Joining with Oliver’s Madhouse for a truly #magicmoment.


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6 Responses to New Chick on the block

  1. Louisa says:

    Such a lovely post. My son had his first encounter with a chicken recently and loved it. He was carrying it around in his arms and the chicken was enjoying it so much that it started to doze off! I hope your son gets lots of pleasure form his new pet #magicmoments

    • sarah says:

      Thanks Louisa, We’re still learning, but even OH had a stroke of the buffy pekin the other day. She is very docile and am sure she will make a good pet.

  2. Ah, I can just imagine his delight. So pleased you’ve found something that he takes such joy in, and that you’ve found a magic moment for yourself to revel in.

    • sarah says:

      The chooks are providing lots of pleasurable distration. Just wish I could recapture their feeling of pure joy when they find a worm! Never mind chocolate comes a close second. Love your feature on different bloggers….refreshing to read about some grass roots kitchen sink blogging!

  3. Erica Price says:

    Love the idea of having a chicken as a pet. I’d love some (for me) but there always seems to be a reason why not.

  4. Lovely, I bet he was delighted :) #MagicMoments

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